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Through an Open


Through an Open Door was the first in a series of films planned by INTACH to foster an awareness in school children of the rich cultural heritage of  Delhi. 


The series wished to give students access to the civilisational values fostered by the Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian faiths, so that they should have a true understanding of a multicultural society. This film introduced students to Islam and the heritage of the Muslim community of Delhi.

A workshop on Moghul architecture followed by a visit to the Jama Masjid; a workshop on Amir Khusro’s poetry and music followed by an evening spent listening to qawwali singing at Nizamuddin Auliya’s tomb;a visit to the home of a pigeon fancier in the Old city of Shajahanabad, followed by a meal at Karims; and finally a talk on the true meaning of Islam and the meaning of the ritual of namaz.


A group of 9th class children from the Shri Ram School participate in all these experiences so as to fully understand the contribution of the muslim community to Delhi’s rich and complex culture.

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