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the color blue

The painter, in Arpita, is a seeker, going on endless quests - with each journey, taking her :  “Somewhere,  where you are completely unaware”. 

It is in the Arrival, at " a place where there is total destruction, total hopelessness” that the challenge lies.  The journey must be undertaken to prove one's faith in oneself.   “You have to be ready to transform the destructive quality of these events into something constructive; you have to believe in your strength to transform these events.” she says.

Arpita adopts the ruse of seeming playfulness; seeming disorder; seeming childlikeness  as a strategy that allows her to disguise the depth of her discomfort with the world around her.  She posits her faith ultimately in herself- in the awareness of her own hidden strength. My film attempts to reveal these strengths by using a dancer, who borrows from the Buttoh dance form, to draw out and suggest the layered subtexts in her paintings.

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